In Memory (Speakers On)

Jeffrey A. Feiser

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08/19/16 01:05 PM #1    

Miguel A. Torres

May he RIP.

08/19/16 01:16 PM #2    

Jim Love

RIP, PMC Brother.

08/20/16 09:00 AM #3    

Geroge R. Bertolet, Jr.

Unfortunetly, the Long Gray Line just got a little shorter.  RIP Jeff.

08/20/16 09:33 AM #4    

Richard E. Remash

Rest In Peace, Jeff.  

08/20/16 10:06 AM #5    

Robert E. Webster, III (Webster)

Sorry to hear, he was a good guy

08/20/16 12:03 PM #6    

Brian C. Kates (Kates)

Jeff and I were roommates for three years and close friends though good times and bad at PMC.  He was an usher at my wedding and we later served together in Berlin, where he was a train commander on the famed Duty Train ( that travelled through Russian-controlled East Germany between Berlin and Helmstedt. He was in charge of the Transportation Corps troops that operated the World War II-era train and I commanded Military Police who guarded it.

We made an odd pair. At 6-foot-3 he was a foot taller than me. He was strikingly handsome; I was, well, not so striking. He was self-assured to the point, some thought, of arrogance. I was arrogant enough for both of us, but not nearly so sure of myself.  We were both bookish, and a bit out of step with the discipline of a military college. Which is to say that we did not fit in particularly well at PMC, but fit in just fine with each other.

He had a wonderful voice. I couldn’t hold a note--a fact that I’d come to accept but which appalled him. So he spent hours trying to get me to harmonize with him, diligently if not always patiently. Typically, he had more faith in me (or was it in his power as a force majeure?) than I had in myself. But I played along, trying again and again to hit the final note in the simple two-part harmony number “Plant a Radish” from the long-running hit musical, “The Fantasicks.” And then it happened. Our voices blended. Wow!

Jeff and I went separate ways over the years and lost track of each other. I still don’t have the confidence to sing out loud, but I can call up the feeling of that marvelous note 50 years ago. Harmony! It turned out to be a metaphor for our friendship. Thanks, Jeff. I won’t forget you.

08/20/16 12:59 PM #7    

Kenneth W. Byerly

Sorry to hear about Jeff. Another PMC Brother has left us to soon. RIP Jeff.

08/21/16 08:47 PM #8    

David M. Fiedler

Who can forget Jeff and his magaphone when he was chief cheer leader at football games. He was also great when he sang with the Glee Club!!! I have a picture of Jeff, Brian Kates, and myself just messing about in the barracks that I still treasure. RIP Jeff!!!!

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