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Introducing The PMC Store at Zazzle!

Click below to go to The PMC Store at Zazzle. Close to 300 items are grouped into COLLECTIONS. 

The PMC Store: collections on Zazzle

About The PMC Zazzle Store:

All graphic art used on the Zazzle products were designed by Andy Fraser, c’67, and the graphics are owned by him. Widener has fully endorsed Andy’s Zazzle store and has commended him for offering the service. Therefore, it has been decided to advertise the PMC Zazzle store along with our original PMC Store with products from Appco’s Sports.

Every dollar of the PMC Zazzle store profit goes directly to the PMC Museum fund. Andy has not recouped any expenses whatsoever from this project, including the cost of the graphic design work. This project was designed as a PMC Alumni morale booster, addition to raising funds for the Museum. In addition, Andy is selling PMC decals directly to alumni because Zazzle does not offer this particular product. This activity is also not a money-maker for Andy.

The store offers the “last” PMC horsehead seal logo as an original graphic on many products, in addition to the classic PMC seal. An original “Proud Cadet” graphic features the cadet with a cadet gray jacket colored face.

This Zazzle store features unique products not available elsewhere, including smartphone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, magnets, key chains, Christmas ornaments, Covid masks and golf gear (towels, club head covers, and golf balls). Other items for sale include shirts, front license plates, house and garden flags, magnets, blankets, mugs, beer glasses, drink cooler chests, stone drink coasters, teddy bears, desk nameplates, wall art, and many other unique products. NOTE: The shirts sold at the Zazzle store are print graphic shirts, not logo embroidered shirts.

Most products at the Zazzle PMC Store are available in a variety of colors and several unique graphics. Most products can be personalized to include name, class year, cadet number, etc. Zazzle has a very customer-friendly return policy (“Love It”) if the product delivered fails to please. Consider signing up for “Zazzle Black” to save delivery fees for individual orders. It can be a big dollar saver and pays for itself very quickly. 

Some samples of popular items: Most products can be personalized.





Click below to go to The PMC Store at Zazzle. Products are grouped into COLLECTIONS. 

The PMC Store: collections on Zazzle

PMC decals available directly from Andy. All decals are designed for the exterior of vehicle windows.



Email your order to PMC68 Cadets <>. The order will be forwarded to Andy, who will contact you.

Enjoy your visit to these stores.