POD Meetings

Welcome and thank you for participating in our

PMC ’68 POD Meetings

To start there are five PODs with Dennis Dixon, Dick Bertolet, Ken Byerly, Jim Love and Ron Romanowicz as POD Moderators. It is our goal that POD Moderators will volunteer to lead/moderate their own POD Classmate discussions, promote c'68 reunion events, and inform members regarding other Widener/PMC events.

Watch for more details in an e-mail from your moderator.

Class of 1968 POD discussion groups:

POD Moderator: Dick Bertolet

POD Members: Rich Ferguson, Bill Bossert, Bill Luckenbill, Lew Chipola, Bob Arvay, Steve Ridzon, Bob Webster 

For information about Dick's POD, CLICK HERE to email him.

POD Moderator: Ken Byerly

POD Members: Rick Clark, John Browne, Al Peck, Jack Leisenring, Mike Morganti

For information about Ken's POD, CLICK HERE to email him.

POD Moderator: Dennis Dixon

POD Members: Byron Daniels, Ron Deramo, Bob Gussoni, Fred Moll, Bob Murphy, Herb Richman, Joe Spano, Miguel(Mike) Torres.

For information about Dennis' POD, CLICK HERE to email him.

POD Moderator: Jim Love

POD Members: Blair Schupp, Craig Sponenberg, James Gray, Joe Gross, John Derr, Kenneth Lescallett, Kevin Meredith, Malcolm MacNab, Rob Schwaner, Steve Raho, Steve Ridzon

For information about Jim's POD, CLICK HERE to email him.

POD Moderator: Ron Romanowicz

POD Members: Bob Humphreys, Bill Lewis, Steve Raho, Greg Smith, Tom Vossler

For information about Ron's POD, CLICK HERE to email him.

If you are involved in another c'68 POD or want to organize a c'68 POD, CLICK HERE to email us and we will work with you.